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Women In Business

Join Our Women’s Leadership Program

Business Women's Mastery Group Program

Business Womens Mastery Program

Join Our Business Women's Mastery Group Program

Choosing this group program is a powerful way to engage in growth and development for you and your business.

Women in business love to connect with like minds, and this course brings you quality business owners coming together from a range of industries and lived experiences to learn, grow, share and support each other.

The program is a blended delivery of:

Showing up as the best version of yourself becomes instinctive

We team you with a suitable journey partner for monthly activities to help maintain momentum with your development and deepen your learning, creating an inspiring bond with other women in business.

Meaningful relationships with your cohort often result in solid friendships beyond the program.

Leadership courses for women in business are now valued more than ever before. Business women owning small businesses or freelancing for other businesses are looking for an engaging way of learning new skills to help them achieve their goals.

Showing up as the best version of yourself becomes instinctive with the practical tools and methods you learn in this course. You will discover a new level of confidence in decision-making, a robust clarity giving you a greater sense of resilience in the face of challenge, and the courage you’ve always wished for becomes innate.

How Our Women's Leadership Course is Different...

Our System of Leadership

Practical tools for instinctive leadership

Self-leadership is the foundation of being a great leader. Learning our System of Leadership gives you a set of tools you can draw upon instinctively, creating an increased level of confidence and clarity as the leader you know you can be.

How We Help


Road To Success

Here’s a snippet:

Our ‘Extra Formula TM’ is an example of the Believe Leadership coaching frameworks available to you.

Together, we identify the best framework for you and your business. You will experience leadership mastery first-hand as we navigate to the real issues, raw vision and road to success.

Business Women's Mastery Group Program

Client Testimonials

“…to say the Business Women’s Mastery program is a course is an understatement. It envelopes the participant in layers of learning and confidence to take the tools and navigate at their pace. Thank you Keree for creating a program that is an essential tool for a woman with a business.”
Lou-Ann Gibson
HR Sustain
“This program has allowed me to explore what I am truly capable of. It is great for personal growth and development, giving me the skills necessary to manage a team in a much more effective and capable manner. I can now pass these skills on to them and we are all the better for it.”
Cathy Clark
Chris Clark Homes
“The tools you learn make your day far more productive. Not only your work-life, your life-life! Tools to help manage people, making hard conversations a lot easier. Sharing this course with nine other women similar to you brings invaluable support; it can be a lonely spot being a business owner. The bonus of this course is you get to learn a lot more about yourself.”
Rachael Bluhm
Sunarch Pool Care
“The course has enabled me to really back myself. Each step of the way I’ve been able to take what I’m learning and put it into practice, creating new habits. The tools are really well explained and it meant I believed I could put them in place, in my life. As a result, something has really ‘clicked’ in my psyche and I’m creating a better work life balance for my family.”
Denise Fairweather
Fairweather Graphic Design

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